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About Us

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Located within the heart of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine's Bayview campus, CTMI is positioned to draw upon its vast pool of scientific expertise and resources to provide you with a comprehensive solution for your molecular imaging needs.

CTMI was established to answer challenges in the translation of promising new imaging agents and medicines, which despite their promise to deliver personalized medicine, have no ready commercial backing in the early stages of development. We are specifically designed to undertake pre-clinical and initial phase 1 (first-in-human) trials, and address the challenges of moving new molecular imaging or companion therapeutic agents to the clinic.

CTMI leverages discoveries from investigators at Johns Hopkins as well as other academic institutions and industry, turning them into clinical applications as rapidly as possible through our nimble, and clinically focused operating procedures. CTMI is led by a team of highly-qualified, results-oriented individuals with key complementary skills for clinical translation of imaging agents and theranostics.

As an Academic Research Organziation (ARO), CTMI actively solicits industrial collaborations and sponsorship to bring valuable new agents to clinical fruition in a timely manner. As a unique ARO, we cut across traditional silos by bridging academic and commercial missions

Mission Statement

The mission of CTMI is to serve as an Academic Research Organization (ARO) to develop and provide state-of-the-art imaging and therapeutic agents to address unmet medical needs, bringing personalized medicine within the reach of patients

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